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Rookie Ball





Rookie Ball is a form of baseball which uses a pitching machine as the pitcher. It is played between two teams of 10 players (generally played with 4 outfielders or three outfielders and a rover and a standard infield) using special Rookie Ball playing rules. The purpose of Rookie Ball baseball is to introduce the batter to the pitched ball in a controlled and safe environment via the use of the pitching machine. Thus, Rookie Ball baseball is the ideal "stepping stone" between T-ball and baseball. While many of the official rules of baseball start to be introduced, there are some rules specific to the “pitching machine.”

Games are characterized by plenty of offence and defence, making Rookie Ball a very exciting game to play and watch. At the house league level, teams consist of children ranging in age from 7 to 9. In the spring, all registered Rookie Ball players are invited to a "player assessment" where the kids are put through a number of drills in order to measure their abilities. The teams can then be properly balanced to ensure fair and fun competition for all. Boys and girls play approximately 15 games per season.


Rookie Ball is played on Monday nights throughout the season.



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