House League

MSBA offers house league programs for T-ball, Rookie Ball, and Baseball.

T-ball: (children who are or will be turning 5 and 6 years of age) is designed for the youngest recruits to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball – throwing, hitting and fielding. The kids have fun and learn to respect the game, other players, parents and coaches. Game nights consist of 15-30 minutes of drills and practice followed by a 2-3 inning game.

Rookie Ball: (children who are or will be turning 7 and 8 years of age) uses a pitching machine as the pitcher. Rookie Ball baseball introduces the batter to the pitched ball in a controlled and safe environment via the use of the pitching machine. Rookie Ball baseball is the ideal “stepping stone” between T-ball and baseball.

House League Baseball: (children who are or will be turning 9 thru 18 years of age) focuses on fun and skill development. All players are in the batting order throughout every game and receive equal playing time in the field. The teams are carefully balanced and have a similar number of “new to baseball” players. Players have the opportunity for additional baseball on our house league All-Star teams.