National Coaching Certification Program

In order to facilitate player development and provide the highest quality baseball experience, MSBA supports the certification of its coaches through  the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) governed by the Coaching Association of Canada. While MSBA encourages certification at all levels of play, NCCP certification is NOT required for those coaches involved in our house league program.

Aim Higher. Get Certified…

NCCP workshops are designed for all types of coaches. Whether you’re thinking about coaching your child’s community team or you’re already the head coach of a national team, the NCCP has workshops to meet your needs.

Visit the Baseball Ontario NCCP website for more information on the program.

How to get certified for OBA

NCCP training requires you to complete 2 components to become certified. There is the on-line module which you have to complete first. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS BEFORE ENROLLING IN THE COACHING CLINICS.

It’s easy! Use the link below to register. You’re only clicks away from your future as an NCCP coach!

After completing the on-line module you then qualify to attend coaching clinics that are made up of 4 modules. These four courses are mandatory for the OBA. They are:

  • Initiation workshop
  • Teaching and learning
  • Hitting
  • Infield

For more detailed information on OBA requirements and a complete list of required courses, please visit Baseball Ontario.