Girls Rep Softball

Mississauga Southwest Hurricane Rep program has widely been recognized across North America for the development of our elite players and the competitiveness of our teams. We are proud to be in good standing with the Provincial Women’s Softball Association (PWSA). Our MSW Hurricanes Rep teams have produced numerous titles over the years.

We have been competitive within the divisions that we participate in. We regularly and routinely have sent our teams to Provincial and National championships in Canada via the Provincial Women Softball Association and compete in international tournaments in the United States every year.

The MSW – Hurricanes compete against other Rep teams Mite through Junior and are affiliated with the Peel-Halton Girls Softball Association for our league play.


Players will be offered opportunities to learn various positions throughout the season, with the goal of settling into 2-3 positions. Playing time will be determined based on each player’s skill and comfort in various positions. In addition to the skills our young players will acquire, we believe in sportsmanship, integrity and working hard at all games and practices. We will tirelessly promote these values. Players will have their metrics assessed for player improvement throughout the off season. We will include Ontario and US college/university visits in our program for those players who wish to be recruited.


Composed of 12 or 14 players, the 2023 MSW U17 Tier 1 Team will participate in winter league play, exhibition games, and tournaments. There will also be weekly team practices during the season. Our goal is to play in around 6-8 weekend tournaments throughout the four-month season, with the possibility of tournaments in the US. We believe the right combination of returning and new players will make us extremely competitive tier one and tier two teams; with the tier one team seeking a berth at the U17 Nationals, in 2024.


We would also explore the opportunities to play in at least one FALL BALL tournament, and exhibition games. This could be local or in the US. Teams benefit from having trips involving hotel stays so the players and families can become acquainted.


  • Nov. to April – Weekly practices at indoor dome or turfed facility, in Burlington/Mississauga
  • Jan. to Feb. – Additional weekly team practice in gym OR weekly league game or double-header in US
  • Nov. to April – Bi-weekly pitcher instruction
  • Jan. to April – Weekly catcher instruction
  • Weekly / regular hitting instruction


Our first year players at each level typically play at the Tier II level then graduate to the Tier 1 level in their second year. Our Tier II teams are generally made up of players who are new to the Rep program or are in need of additional development.

Tier II Program will run a very similar program to Tier 1, but will start their winter training sessions in January thru to the end of April. Their winter program include:

  • Weekly team practices (in a school gym or indoor facility)
  • Weekly pitcher instructions
  • Weekly catcher instructions
  • Weekly hitting instructions