Ages: 5 & 6
Game Nights: Monday 6pm
Location: Kings Masting and/or Dean Henderson parks

Tee Ball (or T-ball) is a program that is offered by MSBA focused on children ages 5 and 6 years of age. This program is designed for the youngest recruits to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball. These fundamentals are throwing, hitting and fielding. There are no scores kept and there are no winners and losers. The volunteers that organize this program teach the youngsters to have fun and to respect the game, other players, parents and coaches.

Game nights usually consist of a 15-30 minutes of drills and practice followed by a 2-3 inning game.

Game nights are on Monday nights at Kings Masting or Dean Henderson Park.

Any parent that is interested in taking an active role in this program is asked to contact the Vice President of T-Ball through the association web site. The T-Ball program is the grassroots of our organization and as such needs all the support it can get from the parents. Each year we ask for volunteer coaches to assist the players in learning the game.

All T-Ballers will receive a jersey, pants and cap that they will keep. We participate every Monday evening and the season begins the first Monday after the May Long weekend and continues through to the second week of August. After the regular season we hold a fun day on the third Saturday in August.