Becoming a Coach at the MSBA

You have a love for the game. Whether it’s house league or rep, MSBA encourages enthusiastic individuals to take on the role of head coach.

All applications for a Rep Head Coaching positions will be reviewed by MSBA’s Coach Selection Committee and will include an interview in August. Candidates must submit an application before any interview will be scheduled.


Coach interviews will take place during the third week of August. Coach decisions will be communicated by the first week of September. Apply and be part of a team.

Coach’s Conduct and Expectations

Protecting and enhancing your child’s T-ball, rookie ball, baseball, or softball experience is a primary responsibility of MSBA. To that end, all MSBA coaches are required to sign an association Code of Conduct agreement as a condition of coaching. The code of conduct governs such things as how the coach interacts with the players, how the coach behaves during games and practices, and how the coach interacts with umpires, officials, parents, and other coaches.

Coaches are both mentors and role models to their players, as well as ambassadors for our association. MSBA expects integrity and professionalism to be displayed at all times, by all its coaches, and will not condone any actions to the contrary.

MSBA Code of Conduct
MSBA Coach Compliance Policy
MSBA VS Check Policy
MSBA Chart Parent Liaison Process

Coaching Resource Centre

Reference library of videos, manuals and more… As a member of MSBA’s coaching staff, access to this resource can be made available to you. Ask for your access code!